Willing to be a Human Guinea Pig? 4 New & Weird Ways to Make Money

Everyone agrees that it wouldn’t hurt to have some extra money in the bank. However, surprisingly, an incredible 12% of Australians have less than $100 available in case of an emergency. Not only that but one in five Australians don’t have enough saved to cover even a $500 emergency – that’s 3.6 million adults nationwide. Luckily, modern technology provides for some interesting ways for you to make some extra money for an emergency or just extra spending money.

A quick google could help you find countless articles, books, apps, and videos that could help you earn extra cash in a hurry. You may have heard about things like freelance writing, Uber-ing your car, Airbnb-ing your house, and selling your old items.

All these ideas can be great for some quick cash, but sometimes the more out-there ideas can provide the best opportunities. Read below for some great ways to earn some extra dough:

1. Freelancing

When you hear freelancing, you may think that you don’t really have the skills required to freelance, however, thanks to the invent of sites such as Fiverr and Upwork that’s not the case.

Like to draw? Draw logos for people. Can’t draw? Make an easy buck by reviewing apps on the App Store. Are a beast gamer? Help someone rank up and get paid. Compared to Fiverr, Upwork is more of a professional platform, however, that means you could make some good money if you have the right skills. If you have some skills in programming, or writing, or drawing or whatever, take a look because you can earn some decent cash in your spare time.

It’s easier than ever to freelance online, so take a crack at it and see what you can do.


2. Be a Human Guinea Pig

The human guinea pigs of Australia are in strong demand from pharmaceutical companies in Asia, with people earning up to $4000 for a two-week stint while taking part in a range of drug trials

to test new drugs and vaccines. Think you’d be the perfect test dummy? Well CMAX has got you covered, with them paying volunteers thousands and even have free wifi!

However, you have to be careful, these are test drugs and there may be side-effects (EVEN DEADLY), so weigh up how much you care about your body compared to cold hard $$$. Try hypnosis as well, can have a lot of positive benefits on your bank balance.


3. Share your Home Cooking

This would be perfect for all you chefs out there! Yes, you can offer your home-cooked meals via meal-sharing websites. One such company FoodByUs allows talented home chefs to set up a page on the website, take orders from hungry people, and deliver freshly prepared, tasty, high-quality meals straight to peoples homes.

So whether you juuuuust missed-out on MasterChef or you make a killer ravioli, this would be a great way to earn some extra cash while showing off your amazing cooking skills. I definitely recommend this one, just make sure you give me a free taste 😉

4. Rent your stuff out

You may have loaned your favourite dress to your friend or your lawnmower to your neighbour – but some startups are now letting you get paid for your generosity! Thanks to the massive growth of technology and the internet, sharing your old items are now super easy and can make you some serious money.

Do you have a wardrobe full of dresses that you HAD to have but now can’t wear because you were tagged on Facebook? Well, Covet has got you covered, which is a dress rental marketplace app where you can get paid for your style.

What about your tool shed full of tools that just sit there gathering dust? Well chuck them on OpenShed and you could start getting some serious use out of them. OpenShed is a marketplace for tools, camping gear, electronics and more, so you could make some nice $$$ while helping your neighbours build some stuff.

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