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Covet’s pilot launch in Melbourne is a success

Covet, the groundbreaking app that helps young women lend and borrow dresses with each other, has finished its soft launch and is now preparing for launch in Melbourne.
Striving to help women lessen the stress they face about ‘outfit-repeating’, Covet is a marketplace iOS app on which women can lend out their dresses, making money from the dresses hanging in the back of their wardrobe.

On the app women can browse through an intuitively designed feed and discover the perfect dress for their occasion and borrow it for up to 90% cheaper than buying it.

“I first came up with the idea with my girlfriend, who was freaking out about having nothing to wear to go out even though her wardrobe was full of clothes” said Covet Founder Alex Naoumidis. “It got me thinking about why there wasn’t an easy way to share dresses without having to worry about bonds, bank transfers, listing fees, and Instagram transactions with random users”.

Covet was initially founded by Alex Naoumidis, a business student at Monash University, his younger brother Chris, a commerce student at Monash University, and Tom Ash, their family friend who studied at Queensland University of Technology. 

After the idea was refined the app actually needed to be buil it, according to Chris Naoumidis; “We knew it was a great idea but didn’t have the money to pay professional developers. So instead my brother and I spent the university holidays learning to program and made the app ourselves, which was really rewarding and helped us fully understand our users and app.”

With a seamless payment flow powered by Stripe, a verification system, and Covet Guarantee (which covers dresses in case of damages), Covet makes sharing wardrobes stress-free and rewarding. Covet is about to close a pre-seed funding round which will help grow the app further and get the word out that Instagram & Facebook isn’t the only way to rent dresses.

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